John Goodman meets with Roseanne Barr in a NBC series

http://www.cinemablend.com/images/sections/39443/roseanne_barr_39443.jpgNearly 15 years after co-star in the series "Roseanne" for 9 seasons, John Goodman and Roseanne Barr would be reunited in a new series of the U.S. network NBC would transpire in a community of mobile homes.

NBC wants to reunite the couple who gave so successful for 9 seasons, from 1988 to 1997 in the comedy entitled "Roseanne" starring John Goodman where the good-natured and faithful husband Dan Conner wife living with a far-fetched, some children increasingly intolerable to treat and a sister who was always at home crying sorrows of his life.
Goodman is very close to signing as the star of the new series to be titled "Downwardly Mobile" which will play one of the guys working in the community of caravans.

She is the screenwriter and executive producer of multi-pilot in the 20th Television, with Eric Gilliland, a former writer and executive producer of "Roseanne". John Argent, Roseanne's boyfriend, also will executive produce the new series.

"Roseanne" was one of the most important series of television nortemaricana and ABC, having a hit from the beginning and reaching number one audience share in its second season, with the number of U.S. prime 1989 and 1990, and remained among the top four for six of his nine seasons, and among the top twenty eight of them.

There is still much time for the series was broadcast but it has all the enthusiasm and hope that this will be a success as it was once "Roseanne" and that the two actors again have that magic that got stuck having to TV to a large number of viewers. 

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