Harrison Ford in talks to "Blade Runner"

http://www.caratulas.info/peliculas/B/Blade-runner-cd.jpgThe fever for the sequels, prequels and new versions of films 70 and 80 years is paying off in the year 2012 and that some of these have their project well under way. Some of them begin to outline what will be the preliminary draft of the remake. Other candidates have new project is "Blade Runner".
As reported by the website Twitch Film, actor Harrison Ford may be in talks for possible participation in the sequel or remake of the film released in 1982 under the orders of director Ridley Scott.

The website also notes that negotiations are at a very early and that may not materialize at all.

The movie would begin filming next year and would have, again, directed by Ridley Scott. Thus, it would raise the couple who created one of the essential films of modern science fiction.

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-aJZGdNWkT3o/TjLT6PUrr2I/AAAAAAAAAWQ/eLsXhXgsl9M/s1600/BLADE+RUNNER+HARRISON.jpgThe publication of the web is contradictory to the original plans of the film director who had claimed in an interview that the new film would not have the original cast. In addition, the producer of the film, Andrew Kosove, said recently that "the film would have nothing to do with Harrison Ford." 
Doubts are still in the air whether or not Harrison Ford will again play the part of Deckard as the movie actor is among the favorites. Neither got along very well with Sean Young (Rachael) during the shooting, nor Scott, nor liked his character was a replicant, "I took it as human." But even so, Ford is an actor who likes his job and, at present, should not have many papers on the table, except for Indiana Jones, after the great disappointment of the film "Cowboys and Aliens".
Except for possible last minute changes, the next project after Ridley Scott's "Prometheus" and most likely this would be the coming weeks we will have news on the script and other details. If this is confirmed, it would be obvious that this is a sequel not a remake of the film because after this approach with the star of Indiana Jones is likely that the film deals with events after the 1982 film.

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