Goya Award Winners 2012 in Spain

The great festival of Spanish cinema deployed, again, the red carpet to make way for a ceremony that will be remembered as the best ever made ​​except that the protest was really funny as the whole show and I had to not legally be ended so funny.

Having had a beginning, in the street, something moved when police confiscated the masks of Anonymous claiming be against the anti-download law, but almost none that were now coming to the ceremony did not find out barely any of it, the ceremony gave its inception after the thousands of photos that were made to the press graphic artists and written.

What is important in these events is the award given to the winners, open mouths or faces of amazement at what relaxed, funny and surprising a gala and above all the applause he received both at the time of grant award after the "brief" speech that the winner gives the audience from his lectern. But this time it was quite the opposite.

http://utils.lainformacion.com/images/IMGS_CMS/silvia-abascal-reaparece-en-los-goya/2012_2_18_PHOTOGALLERY-958948b49487fdf1ad00bab6396b37ca-1329696943-99.jpg?type=border&width=620&height=620&mtime=1329696945Despite the efforts of humorist Eva Hache to make more lively and fun event has not been all that was expected in contrast to what happened at previous ceremonies. The actions could well haberles delivered a Goya for best dance but not the best interpretation. That does not mean that their efforts and their trials have not been worth all made ​​possible with the greatest affection.

But the first prize of the night was not physically a "stubborn" to any artist of the nominees. The best prize of the night were the tears aplauos and actress Silvia Abascal received to appear on stage for the interview of one of the awards: "I feel good, I'm very happy to be here and I have really wanted to keep fighting" , said before the applause received Silvia.

Recall that Silvia Abascal suffered a stroke last March and took her back to be operated without incident and with good surgical outcome on 19 April. Fully recovered, excited and in a broken voice thanked all the love and affection of all his peers which became the highlight of the night.

One by one they were giving awards for different categories being the big winner of the night the film directed by Enrique Urbizu, "No peace for the wicked" (No habrá paz para los malvados), which took 6 statuettes in front of the 4 that the film was Pedro Almodovar's "The skin I live" (La piel que habito).

The actor Jose Coronado was, finally, the much deserved award for best lead actor for the interpretation of police inspector Santos Trinidad in "No peace for the wicked". 25 years has had to wait to go on stage and get their hands on a prize that eluded him but this time all the pools gave the winner the actor, including Antonio Banderas, who was also nominated and before Coronado was named Antonio already looked excited.

http://utils.lainformacion.com/images/IMGS_CMS/jose-coronado-goya-al-mejor-actor-por-no-habra-paz-para-los-malvados/2012_2_20_ipEUN75yyL2IZac6W4xZS4.jpg?type=border&width=645&height=432.30828220859&mtime=1329704697And a lime and sand, how could it be otherwise, given the positive note and discordant note of the night.

On the positive side, or demands, starred actor-director Santiago Segura which has got that 20% of the proceeds from spanish ticket office in 2011 was thanks to his film "Torrente 4" and joked and said, with his usual verbosity, their absence from the nominations for the same film, "Just for doing work Kiko Rivera, I deserved it", speaking to the nominees. It seems that Kiko Rivera was amused but Segura's comment, along with Alex de la Iglesia, have resolved the misunderstanding that arose over the message. All waste and leaving no stone cold, also dared to Almodóvar or maybe it was more subtle: "From "The skin I live" say nothing, to see if you cabreas and again." 

The discordant note, as might be expected, gave the current Spanish Minister of Culture Enrique Gonzalez Macho with his little culturality on current issues and new technologies: "Internet is not part of the economic activity of the film." As also added: "No doubt that will form part of our future but that future has not arrived yet.". In this way contradicted what the previous year, the director and former President of the Film Academy, Alex the Church, said in his speech: "Internet is the salvation of our cinema, just win the future if we who change will succeed only if we take into account all the actors.".

A brief paragraph out of context informative post to tell "Mr. Minister" that the future is every second that goes beyond the present. That the future is every next day and that this is outdated at the time we left behind and becomes the past. The future becomes present in the moment that the time passes. We did not come by teaching culture when we know more than many others who believe ministros. You really is, along with other experts believe that in the matter of ministerial service, "an older model or expired". We live in the XXI Century.

The winners of the 2012 Goya Awards in all categories were:

Best Picture: "No habrá paz para los malvados" (No peace for the wicked)
Best Director: Enrique Urbizu (
No habrá paz para los malvados)
Best Actress: Elena Anaya "La piel que habito" (The skin I live)
Best Lead Actor: Jose Coronado (
No habrá paz para los malvados)
Best New Director: Kike Maíllo (Eva)
Best original screenplay: Enrique Urbizu and Michel Gaztambide (
No habrá paz para los malvados)
Best Adapted Screenplay: Angel de la Cruz, Ignacio Ferreras, Paco Roca, Rosanna Cecchini "Arrugas" (Wrinkles) 
Best Actor: Lluís Homar (Eva)
Best Actress: Ana Wagener (The voice asleep)
Better production management: Blackthorn. no Destination
Best Latin American Film: "Un cuento chino" (A Chinese Tale)
Best European Film: The Artist
Best Cinematography: "Blackthorn. Sin destino" (Blackthorn. no Destination)
Best Original Music:
"La piel que habito"
Best Original Song:
"La voz dormida" (The voice asleep)
Best Animated Film:
"Arrugas" (Wrinkles)
Best documentary: "Escuchando al juez Garzón" (Listening to Judge Garzon)
Best Editing:
"No habrá paz para los malvados"
Best Actress: Maria Leon "La voz dormida"
Best Newcomer: Jan Cornet (
La piel que habito)
Best special effects makeup: Eva
Best Makeup: "La piel que habito"
Best Costume Design
"Blackthorn. Sin destino"
Best Art Direction
"Blackthorn. Sin destino"
Dramatic Short: "El barco pirata" (The Pirate Ship)
Documentary Short: "Regreso a Viridiana" (Return to Viridiana)
Best Animated Short Film: Birdboy

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