The music for 2012 (2)

Newly opened in 2012, began to rain the novelties of the new albums by artists who have just started and established artists and a few others return for a long time it was not for them musically. Artists that their work is expected to be equal to or better than the last.

If I speak of Skylar Grey perhaps many people do not know of whom I speak but if I say that she is the author of "Love the way you lie" I think it would dawn. The song is not enough was known until it began to make known thanks to the duo who made Rihanna and Eminem.
http://www.lastmusic.es/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/Skylar-Grey.pngHer second studio album will come out during the month of January. After "Like Blood Like Honey" published in 2006 is expected to be better known second job as before.

The first release of KIDinaKORNER record label producer, Alex da Kid, "Invinsible" has already led to the first single of the same name, which will also feature songs such as "Tower", "Weirdo", "Dance Without You" and "Can 't Haunt Me"(featuring Marilyn Manson).
After the failed multi criticized album "Bionic" in 2010, Christina Aguilera back in 2012 with a new album which did not even know the title but we do know that will be released between spring and summer of this year. It's not very feasible track but at the moment is what we know after the interview conducted at the RTL in the program Tabloid Exkluziv which was also talking about her latest fragrance "Secret Potion".

KISS FM confirmed via his Twitter account that the new single from Christina Aguilera is very close and that has been produced by the Swedish hitmaker Max Martin. Recently it has been known that the first single from the album will be called "Fuck Your Body", very appropriate title that came out for Christmas Lady Gaga, and version "decent" is titled "Love your body" which is what will be presented and listen on all radio stations.
According to the singer, the album will be "a very deep and hard album with great feeling for me". Let's see if this may be the revival of which was the main voice of "Lady Marmalade" for which she was the main song from the movie "Moulin Rouge".

http://www.sweetslyrics.com/images/img_gal/10332__no-doubt.jpgA decade has passed since the last time you heard them on his latest album but again become No Doubt. It seems unbelievable but yes, back with a new album.
It was hoped that the new album was in the music market for the last year 2011 but the group has preferred to wait and delay for this year to make a high quality product.
The album, even without official title or, either, without a specific date for the launch of work, have a large number of guest artists and with the collaboration of Major Lazer.
The titles of the songs that have been known to be included which may be the single promoting the album "Dreaming the Same Dream", plus "Easy", "One More Summer" and "Settle Down".
Three new albums that are not expected to disappoint the select ears of the people and, especially, their fans. Two rounds are expected as Christina Aguilera and No Doubt and a musical tribute to the work of Skylar Grey.

But even more returns are sounded. As often happens in the television series, "to be continued ..."

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