Lady Gaga goes to New York in 2012

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-c7QsC4B7uCo/Tvu0ZpuzRXI/AAAAAAAAF0M/oPOuyMj7cN4/s1600/New-York-Times-Square-.jpgWhen part of the world had entered in 2012 and another had just come in, in New York still remained a few hours for that to happen. Several hours before they were already celebrating from the world-famous Times Square. Hosts for welcoming the new year: New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and New York singer Lady Gaga.

It was known that Lady Gaga would appear to invite us to change this year in the famous Time Square in New York. All we knew it was going to be crowded to overflowing, but no one knew what was going to go dressed as the singer in New York. And again we were surprised.

Between the middle of the darkness that had little in place, the stage rarely have it, appeared dressed in black, all set aa body and frame adorned with a ball in head, black mask on the face, removing the tongue and letting astonished all present. 

"Mother Monster" delighted the last minutes of 2011 with two of his songs, though it took hours to celebrate the end of the year and looking forward to 2012. Linking each other sang "Marry the night" and archiconocia "Born This Way."

Traveling all over the stage, gave the public the Time Square doing the last time in 2011 something that was memorable, as it was. A true performance as she usually does.


Give time to the countdown, beyond 45 seconds before they do, Lady Gaga went back on stage accompanied by the mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg, to press a small ball that would begin the countdown to usher in the fall the ball from the top of Times Square. Dressed this time in a white suit and a mask that covered his entire face gave way to new year 2012.

http://estaticos03.cache.el-mundo.net/america/imagenes/2012/01/01/gentes/1325440960_1.jpgAt the outbreak of the new year, there is traditional that all couples kiss and go out on television. The same thing happened when the mayor of New York has done the same with his wife. But did not expect Lady Gaga to do the same with Michael Bloomberg something to remember on this night of turn of the year. Something that has not gone unnoticed by photographers who were in the area and who have not lost any detail.

Lady Gaga has once again lived up to their way of being on stage and has thus a gift to his city to warm up all the people before the new year. 

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