Lady Gaga announces album for 2012

http://notio.com.ar/adjuntos/imagenes/000/097/0000097299.jpg"Mother Monster" does not rest a moment. If 2011 was a year full of concerts, most record signings, interviews and even go to the White House to talk about rights, 2012 will not be short for New York singer who has confirmed a new album this year 2012 .

Lady Gaga has announced not only that she is preparing a new album this year but she is already planning a world tour for the presentation. I mean, this woman does not want to waste time and leave everything tied up and tied it when the time comes.

Speaking to The Insider, Gaga said: "I ​​just want to move on I'm not so obsessed with the objective and the process only want to write music. I look forward to releasing another album and tour.".

Lady Gaga also added: "I ​​can not wait to see the fans. I have a million ideas. I feel very blessed to be an artist who comes to make a living doing what I love.".

In reference to your next tour she responded: "It's time for another marathon. If you run a marathon and you're about to cross the finish line, do not say," Oh, once you cross, it's over ". Good philosophy that makes you feel positive at all times.

http://www.rpp.com.pe/pict.php?a=1&g=8&c=n&p=multimedia.rpp.com.pe%21files%21%5Df%7C%21fotos%21entretenimiento%21timesquaregarden2012eeuu010112%21timesquaregarden2012eeuu000.jpgIf she has time to do a new album and planning a world tour, it seems that Lady Gaga nothing is impossible and is asking the impossible. As stated in one of the many interviews he has done later this year. His dream is to do 450 concerts, relentlessly, in one tour!

A source said so told The Sun: "The Haus of Gaga is taking things at high speed. She intends to go to Asia and India next year and make a grueling world tour. (.. .) As always in the case of Gaga, the plans will come in dreams. she has a goal of 450 dates. has never been done before, but she does not think that is a reason not to try.".

Lady Gaga has strength and energy for a while wanting to do a tour of nearly two years. Do not forget that on top of that also does charity work for a number of foundations and protect the rights of gay teens in the United States institutes.

Those who want to follow for more than half the world, start preparing the plane tickets are going for this long.

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