Justin Timberlake will play Elton John in movie

http://i.rankingfamosos.com/imagenes/famosos/20101222/elton-john-6.jpgElton John has revealed he wants the actor and singer Justin Timberlake interpreter for an upcoming movie about his life. The British singer said that the announcement will be soon adding that Timberlake was the number one choice.

The singer confirmed that the project which also involved his partner, David Furnish, is quite advanced as they are in contact with Lee Hall, author of the movie "Billy Elliot". It also said he soon will make an announcement of a film project about his life.

"We have a director.'s Only going to be a matter of getting the script exactly as we want it. Lee Hall has written the screenplay he wrote" Billy Elliot", then begin to choose the cast and plan." Said John.

He added: "I have a wish list of people. The number one on my wish list is Justin Timberlake why he played me a video of David LaChapelle" Rocket Man "and was excellent".
Elton John and David Furnish will produce the film that have called, provisionally, "Rocket Man" as one of his hit songs.

The author of "Sacrifice" and "Can you feel the love tonight", among others, has described the project as a jukebox musical that tells the story of his rise to fame and which includes many of his biggest hits, including "Your Song" and "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road". 

http://www.blogys.net/UserFiles/image/cine/2012/noticias/01/justin_timberlake_elton_john_1.jpg"It will be a surreal look into my life, not just an objective aspect of my life, it will be the shape of the Moulin Rouge (...) just do not want to be a standard biography, because my life has not been so".

Sir Elton John, who has been nominated for a Golden Globe Jan. 15 for his song "Hello, hello" from the movie "Gnomeo & Juliet" will soon be in the studio to record a new album. But insisted that his days as a pop star are over: "As Elton John, my days are over pop radio, I know and I accept it and not why I'm sad. Now it's a different time of my life, and gives me the freedom to do the kind of music I want".

"When I say I have nothing to write pop songs, there is no way to get the radios to be in 60 years at least I'm doing a duet with Lady Gaga in" All of the lights "that was a Kanye West album that got to be on the radio ". John also appears in the latest album by Kate Bush. 

We have Elton John for a while as much as he says he has just heard on the radio and pop over stage but has many other steps that are proving just as successful as the others. New projects in mind and we will have new stories to tell in their songs and in collaborations with other artists of today. 

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