The FBI closes Megaupload, Anonymous Strikes

http://guiadeinternet.com/files/2011/05/megaupload_logo.jpgA few hours ago that the FBI has closed the Megaupload download site and arrested the founder and the Members of the administration of the web but no retaliation has been swift and both social networks and in various websites nortemaricanas, everyone has said their opinion.

The operation was directed against two companies, Megaupload Vestor Limited and Limited. At present the web pages Megaupload Megavideo file sharing and viewing videos on the Internet, both owned by the companies themselves are inaccessible, as are Megapix, Megalive and Megabox.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) announced the closing of the page after a two-year investigation that has resulted in the arrest of members of these companies. 

Federal prosecutors in Virginia, USA, have issued an order to close the site's founder and accusing others of violating intellectual property laws. 

The indictment alleges that those affected by illegal file sharing have lost more than $ 500 million due to the release of movies and other content over the network. 

The ruling came just spent a day after thousands of web sites were against the proposal of the SOPA Act ​​that seek to avoid piracy in line with stringent security controls. 

The FBI reports that are reviewing Megaupload servers in the United States and Europe. He accuses the Series web Yonkis Taringa and charges of piracy, copyright violation and money laundering. 

The response from Internet users and users of these websites is not waiting. In social networks have expressed the view of what they consider an affront and an attack on Internet freedom.

In the same way, Anonymous is not standing still and in the first place, has attacked the website of Universal Music, the record company has reported to Megaupload for the distribution and unlawful disclosure of movies and other content through the network. 

In addition to this website, the website has fallen below the Department of Justice of the United States and caused a DNS attack Recording Industry Association of America. 

As times goes by Anonymous attacks to other websites like http://copyright.gov page. A turn co-sign that is attacking the White House Web. 

Because of this closure, Anonymous said internet as a war zone to fight the injustice of the United States and more specifically the music industry and the Department of Security and Justice in that country.  

Information will be expanded as more data is taken.
- Anonymous steal hundreds of passwords across the U.S. FBI.  
- 5635 pages of people attack the U.S. government.
The full report Megaupload    http://es.scribd.com/doc/78786408/Mega-Indictment
"The United States put his hand into the nest of hornets, wasps and now come to defend their hive" (Anonymous)
-  "Anonymous Reacts to Megaupload Takedown With “Largest Attack Ever"  http://techcrunch.com/2012/01/19/anonymous-megaupload-department-of-justice/
It has just been attacked the website of Broadcast Music (BMI)
Anonymous says, "Get ready for the biggest attack of all time".
Page of Chiefs of Police in Utah, USA lying after DDOS attack by Anonymous 
"Get popcorn, tonight will be long" (Anonymous) 
Unconfirmed - Megaupload would have returned in a beta -> http://megavideo.bz
Universal Music erase completely the site in an attempt to save your page.
-  "Fleet is sailing strong across the 7 proxseas. If you can't handle the pirates, don't get in the water!"
-   MEGAUPLOAD IS BACK!!!! http://megavideo.biz
-   Website Warner Musica Group is down
-  Anonymous announces attack on Sony Music website.
-   "It will be a long night. Buy lots of food and beer. This is bigger than Wikileaks." 
Web sites consultation consultations fallen excess.
Cabiados.net becomes the first American site closed by FBI. 
-  The website of the FBI was closed a few minutes but is back in operation 
At the time, there was an 24% increase in the amount of global cyber attacks
- Via Twitter: The Justice Dept @TheJusticeDept: "The department is working to ensure the website is available while we investigate the origins of this activity..."
-  Knock down the website of the SGAE in Spain.
Has attacked and hacked the Ghana Stock Exchange website and obtained 500+ client accounts from it.
The FBI website has serious problems remain in business. You see the home page but other pages don't.

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