Alex de la Iglesia surprise in "The spark of life" (La chispa de la vida)

http://imagenes.hola.com/noticias-de-actualidad/2010/12/14/alex-iglesia.jpgOne week before delivery to make Goya Awards, in Spain, some of the nominated films make their official debut in theaters in Spain. One of them, "The spark of life" (La chispa de la vida), the latest film director Alex de la Iglesia and one of his players, the comedian in Spain Jose Mota.

After "Sad Trumpet Ballad" (Balada triste de trompeta), the Bilbao Alex de la Iglesia presents his tenth film "The spark of life" (La chispa de la vida) which presents a tragicomedy with social satire and very present on the sensationalism and drama of unemployment which places the limit of his strength and patience to a character who can do anything as long as the ditch by what is happening.

The script is about a publicist at his lowest hours, starring by comedian Jose Mota, who overwhelmed by debt, decides to travel to a place that brings back good memories so you can unwind all the pressure around him but to increase even more bad luck. Error slipping through the opening of a newly restored Roman theater suffer an accident for which an iron key in the head. After this ungrateful incident, the man try to take full advantage of your difficult situation.

http://img.blogdecine.com/2012/01/fondo-7-la-chispa-de-la-vida.jpgIn addition to Jose Mota, one of the protagonists of this "emotional drama" in the words of the actor, is the Mexican actress Salma Hayek that will develop, drama and life to this film. It will also have a great cast of actors and actresses such illustrious Spanish film as Juan Luis Galiardo, Blanca Portillo,  Manuel Tallafé, Santiago Segura, Juanjo Puigcorbé, Fernando Tejero, Antonio Garrido, Carolina Bang and Eduardo Casanova.

Jose Mota talks about the film saying, "the film is bitter but hopeful." In reference to his character the comedian says, "My character is capable of losing his dignity in order to save his family." And talking about the film "This project has been a"gift"" because he "felt like telling a story move like this."

Juan Luis Galiardo no hesitation in talking about her co-star says, "Mota represents what Jack Lemmon in American cinema, and has the ductility that has to be a great actor."

A movie to see in all theaters of Spain, not sure if will be released outside the country, if we see a Jose Mota in all its splendor and a performance like few actors can do to jump from comedy to drama with a snap of the fingers and enjoy a movie that will put us laughter and goose bumps in every frame and in which, again, Alex de la Iglesia takes us into the present and in the real world from the unreal on the big screen .

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