Charlie Sheen returns to TV

http://globopop.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/charlie-sheen1.jpgAfter being literally fired from CBS and the series "Two and a Half Men" that came in handy as it reflected his lifestyle and his personality in real life, Charlie Sheen returns to TV the hand of the FX network.

The New York actor does not want to keep the bad image that has been offered recently in the media and returns to television with a new series entitled "Anger Management".

The development of this new series is based on the film with the same title "Anger Management" starring Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson.

Although it is anticipated that the series consists of 100 episodes, so far 10 chapters are recorded waiting for your reaction the hearing before the return of the controversial actor. Series production is scheduled to begin in early March.

According to comments by the representative of the actor and producer of the series: "Everyone calls to say they want to do the show (...) Everyone wants to come and be part of the therapy patients".

http://cdn.screenrant.com/wp-content/uploads/charlie-sheen-anger-management.jpgBoth Charlie Sheen as the producer confirmed on Sunday in an event of the Association of American Television Critics this week will be decisive in choosing the cast. They will begin to see the actresses from this week. With tight-lipped about who's saying what Sheen called the "list of fantasy and the list A".

The two main roles that will accompany the main character has not been confirmed and belong to the actor's therapist and his ex-wife. The rest of the team of actors and actresses will complete a girl about 13 years, daughter of Sheen, and two support groups where the protagonist makes group therapy to try to control his anger.

As Sheen's character, Helford insists will be "more complex" than any other character the actor has played in the past. "I just wanted to make a show and a character who tries more mature themes and things that really exist in the real world (...) Many times in the other program we feel we are in the service of comedy and not allow situations to show of the characters.".

To remove any doubt, the player closes his argument with the following sentence: "I want to do something more mature and realistic view of what he was doing.".

Let's wait to see if the actor does its best in the series and so clean up your image and forget past situations in both the media and in private life, although this does not interest us at all, and that the only faux leg are forgetting some words in the script.

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