Word of Lady Gaga

http://www.globalradiofm.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/Lady-gaga-2011-new-york-gay.jpgLady Gaga is news on the good and bad, in sickness and in health and no one can separate her from her fans and music. But the singer of New York has gone further and has now decided to take another step for gay couples. Want to marry gay couples in their concerts.
Lady Gaga has long since made ​​the world by storm. Hundreds of concerts around the world, hundreds of record signings, endless lines of fans for a photo or an autograph, in solidarity with all the effort to be grateful for so many hours in a queue and against homophobic bullying in schools of the United States.
The singer wants to be prepared as "minister" to officiate religious, at concerts, weddings between same sex. This deeply called attention of her followers and fans.
http://img.ambienteg.com/2011/11/laday-gaga1.bmpGaga has admitted he is handling all the necessary permits for the power to marry. This permit primarily wants to marry one of her best friends. But also, and harnessing the power that is supposed to receive and the power they already have in your fans and all that surrounds it and, Lady Gaga wants to officiate links between their fans in their own concerts.
The news caused an uproar and scandal in the U.S. and that in this country, marriages between same sex are not accepted in many of its states.
In any place where Lady Gaga will perform a concert to be fuller than ever. Supporting her in everything we do, in addition to their music and their antics, for every person to marry homosexual, heterosexual, and perhaps, who wants to do so without having to hide or to be rejected in any state in the Americas.
Lady Gaga is free and wants her fans are too.

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