Vazquez Sounds, musical talent in the network

http://prensacorazon.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/vazquezsounds.jpgSome time ago you published a story of three children of Mexicali, Baja California, which astounded everyone by playing a well-known song that has been around the world and has led to the madness in the Youtube video website. Two young boys and a sweet and wonderful voice have done the rest.

When someone is talented usually above normal, there is the usual custom of recording to audio or video and if you can upload videos to a website and see what friends and little more, much better.

This is the case of three brothers, linked to music from well children, who one day decided to get in front of a few musical instruments, a microphone and doing what he loved best, sing.

Abelardo, 15, plays guitar, bass and piano, Gustavo plays the drums and Angie is 13 and the youngest of the three, only 10 years old but that is the main voice that has made many follow them because of the version that made ​​the "Rolling in the Deep" by Adele and led them to number one on iTunes in their country and that the songs are starting to sell for this platform.

This song was recorded three children like a video "home", but this has to be seen with the high quality images, and just for fun, has achieved a staggering 15,212,100 viewings on YouTube and counting.

So far the three brothers are reluctant to sign for a record company, they are pulling their hair out to get them anyway. They have also promised his father that will remain normal children, which is not the case with most starting at a young age.

But without ceasing to be children and that, for now, this is a game for them, seeing the fans grow at a rapid pace now, have decided to launch a monthly song famous cover versions and can be purchased at iTunes .

To thank all the love they have for them, they have made ​​another home video, this time to congratulate Christmas to all who follow them over the network.

It could not be other than recording "All I want for Christmas is you" Mariah Carey released at Christmas 1994 and has become to be known as it has done a version with singer Justin Bieber. While many are already saying that far exceeds the version performed by the two known singers.

So far have seen the video over 1,650,000 visitors and has nothing to envy to new yorker singer by a solo singer and with the duo in question.

Once again joins the network to raise awareness about kids who have already portentous given much to talk and will continue doing throughout 2012.


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