Two presenters of a Dutch program eat the flesh of the other

http://pics.bnn.nl/data/media/db_images/original/97891_a4a312.jpgThe hunger for wanting the best audience happens in all countries. In Holland they will eat everything caught in the middle. That is what has occurred in a Dutch television program in which two characters make hosts eating human flesh.
Proefkonijnen (guinea pig) is the Dutch name of the show where the hosts of the program, Storm Dennis and Valerio Zeno, willfully and before the television cameras eat a piece of human flesh during the broadcast of the program. As a result of this scandal have caused the inside and outside the Netherlands.

"There is nothing really that special when talking about the taste of meat" said show host Dennis Storm to ABCNews.com. "But it's rare look into the eyes of a friend when you chew your womb".

http://abcnews.go.com/images/International/ht_host_eat_flesh_jp_111219_wblog.jpgA Storm took away a small piece of the back with the help of a surgeon and Zeno, the other show's host, was removed a small part of the abdomen. Meat fried in sunflower oil, no salt or other seasoning. "The chef cooked in a pan with sunflower oil" said Storm. "We do not add salt or pepper, because we wanted to know how to really know".

To let people know what the goal of the program, Storm said: "The aim of the show is very simple answers for stupid questions such as Can shaving with ketchup? Or Can lead to blind? And we wanted to know how human flesh. "

I do not think they are good hosts to invite them to dine in these Christmas holidays.

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