Tom Cruise wants to sign David Beckham

http://assets.nydailynews.com/polopoly_fs/1.428826!/img/httpImage/image.jpgTom Cruise does not have enough to present his latest film in the world "Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol" which is already looking for a new script, with more action, to do a duet with another television personality and, as he says, a great friend David Beckham.
This guy does nothing more than having your head running all the time. He loves action, loves making movies, he likes to be with his family, and likes to make friends and if they are famous even better. And if all that can join several of the things he likes even better.

This is what happens now to mind the actor and producer. He wants to unite the passion of the film with the passion of friends. And he has decided to host its "womb" film nothing more and nothing less than the footballer David Beckham.
Last year began to emerge the first rumors but now has been the actor himself who has publicly confessed his desire, not content with wanting to become a member of the Church of Scientology, starring in a movie with his friend David Beckham.

At the premiere of the fourth installment of Mission Impossible in London, Cruise has already said very clearly: "I love to do action movies with Beckham, would be great." 

Since in 2007 David Beckham and wife Victoria, former Spice Girl singer, they were to live in Los Angeles when he was hired by the football team, Los Angeles Galaxy, Cruise and Beckham have been highlighted as a friendship that has been strengthening over time to the point of this project get to meet movie watching, also the end of Beckham's football career.

Will we see the warrior Beckham hanging from a building or running like a gazelle behind villains or a double will do the stunts, unlike Tom Cruise stars in which the stunts without requiring any double?  

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