The return of the TV series "Dallas"

http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQGvYfTukGueVXbym2UWnjdNS64XdnOpKzaDXNNJecGFxfUS2psFssIdnjHNot only in music back the old glory to give it everything that made ​​them famous in their time but also in the legendary television series become partially or totally renovated. "Dallas" returns to the small screen in 2012 at the hands of the U.S. network TNT.

Since mid-2011 the rumors about a possible return of the legendary American series of the 80 "Dallas" have come to light until the point of becoming reality.

The new generation of Ewing and Ross played by Josh Henderson "90210", Jesse Metcalfe "Desperate Housewives" and Jordana Brewster "Fast and the Furious" born and bred with the same hatred that when parents are faced by the business oil and land for over a decade and that made the audience love to hate passing with only flash.

But not everything is new to the series and that to continue adding more fuel to the fire, Sue Ellen's ex-wife JR played by Linda Gray, Bobby Ewing played by actor Patrick Duffy and the bad, very bad JR characterized by Larry Hagman, will be responsible for 10 chapters that hatred between children and adults remain active once again. The place of all these conflicts will be the Southfork ranch.

John Ross III, son of JR and Sue Ellen, played with his cousin Christopher, Bobby's adopted son, the succession of the dynasty and the favors of Elena, the daughter of the cook to poison the relationship.

"Dallas" will air on USA, TNT television network, from the summer of 2012. Half will be series of 10 chapters will remember more "Pasión de Gavilanes" with a mix of aging that will be good and bad of the series of the 80's. In new TV format, digital and sharper, but the same essence that so captivated, at the time, everyone.

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