Merry Christmas to everybody!

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_-0Y8N2lQYOU/TRaHFpXDCII/AAAAAAAACd8/VusXDLgb-ro/s1600/navidadmusical.jpgToday is a very special day for everyone, but do not fit. Is a time to be with family, friends, with the couple, with whomever. A good time to forgive past recinllas to remember those who no longer are and to take stock of what has happened during 2011.

With everything we've been there personally and professionally to finish the year with a smile no matter how slight. Let the bad times behind, put into a box never to be open and open the box of wishes for the holidays are as cheerful and pleasant as possible.

Of course, we must not forget all those who for one issue or another have to spend Christmas away from their homes. For those that can not be with us by distance, why they are admitted to a hospital, why they have to fulfill a mission outside of our country.

You have to live this time forward, keep in mind our loved ones, have to point our best wishes for 2012, to shake hands with the person who ncesite although that should be done throughout the year and not now at Christmas .

Invite someone who does not see time to sing a carol, a movie at home or at the movies, watching TV together whatever the reason and whoever the person we have at our side, listening to the radio whatever the station even to hear the "Urbi et Orbi" of the pope from St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican. Call up and wish you a Merry Christmas to one who so wish to call by phone and for one reason or another can not or will not do it. Now is the time! 

Next year we must continue to be more united than ever on all the grounds and make us all stronger for next year 2012. With our energy we can make anything we want. Let us leave behind all the arguments are familiar in nature, personal, professional or political. We are here to take this forward and leave as soon as possible. Make that wish come true together.

In my humble blog and I write this who wish all who follow me and everyone at some time had passed or will pass through my blog, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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