Lady Gaga gives us another song for Christmas

If we thought that Lady Gaga rested for Christmas we were all very wrong. Still living with your partner, your parents, your family to celebrate this holiday season, to Lady Gaga gives you time to upload a new song and do, with this, a great Christmas gift to all fans and followers of "Monster Mom ".

"Stuck on fuckin 'you" is the title of Lady Gaga's new theme that gave her "Little Monsters" on Christmas day but I must say that the issue is not entirely new since it was recorded previously but is a first and had not previously heard on any radio station. 

The New York singer hung on Twitter a link to their official YouTube account for us to hear a song he recorded for months but finally not included in the album "Born this way". No one knows the reason in particular since the song is not bad. 

Lady Gaga had recorded this in Minnesota after finishing a concert tour that was, "Monster Ball Tour" and on the bus she was traveling. One time, her voice, a guitar and little else, "Mommy Monster" half improvised a song that some fans say it reminds them to the "Hollywood" that she sang in the beginning when he went from club to club before acting to be discovered.

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