Lady Gaga becomes Lady Mom Noel

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-ZxC8kXWp64I/TbYRmctVwfI/AAAAAAAAAoo/yhpsD-YQXoI/s1600/Lady-Gaga-Monster-Ball.jpgIncreasingly we see that Lady Gaga is synonymous with courage, to support the marginalized and the weak but also stands for generosity with both their fans and with whom he surrounds. This time the lucky one was his driver who has received a nice gift from the singer, a year of free diapers.

The singer was delighted to learn that the driver of the UK was about to become father for the first time for a reason so beautiful Lady Gaga spared no expense and had a great detail with him to give him a full year of diapers a his baby. 

A source said: "Gaga is very generous with their gifts and make a huge effort for those who care for it" said a source. "As soon as he learned that his driver in the UK would be a father, spoke by phone to buy a gift. Had to be something extravagant, too, is part of his nature."

http://photos-a.netjoven.pe/_files/noticias/341285373981.jpg"GaGa has used the same driver for years when he began to make their concerts around the UK. The poor must be carried through hordes of fans after concerts. Given the frequency with which stands to through the sunroof to greet your little monsters, you must know every inch of your stomach." he said.

The New York singer exchanged Christmas gifts with her boyfriend when the actor Taylor Kinney fly from Pennsylvania to New York on December 26, Boxing Day to spend a few days with the singer and her parents.

The couple has been dating since they met on the set of the video for the song "You and I".

Again Lady Gaga makes a gesture of generosity, without limitation, with his family and those who care about it at all times. It is well-born be thankful and she is.

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