Justin Bieber, the fool of the class

Does not seem to remedy but the Canadian singer Justin Bieber back in the news now and not for its secondary issues, this time is a major issue. This guy has no idea of geography and he shows it.

The guy who claims to have traveled the world giving concerts and receiving awards by the vast majority of cities of the planet was very relaxed when in the David Letterman show in the U.S. television network CBS, the presenter, while they were talking about their concerts, he asked him how many continents there are in the world to what the singer was hesitant and said the first thing that came to mind: "Asia, North America, South America, Africa, Antarctica and the North Pole.".

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_7g4Sby6UzL0/TD_r_VsZ-9I/AAAAAAAACdo/vI-_saEaDjg/s1600/geometriaThe boy was not going off track but the laughter of the public who was present at the program began to listen in good spirits and were growing as Justin Bieber was exposing their ignorance geographical and the inability to not look ridiculous.

The presenter Letterman encouraged him to continue to answer that he was doing very well but yet had another two continents and he had already said the most difficult. Nothing else he had to say "two easy."

Undaunted and laughing thinking he was doing spectacularly well dare to continue to think to remember the other two continents, but had a little help from showman to cope with such "hard" situation.

The second time, Justin turned to botch when he answered "Canada". The audience laughed again, louder this time. He tried to justify saying that he is Canadian but his attempts to convince those present were unsuccessful.

http://sp8.fotolog.com/photo/40/41/124/x___madi/1287342704778_f.jpgBut even still unanswered. The presenter gave a "little help" to answer. "You has been in both places, I'm sure." The singer's face was all a poem of reflection and meditation to try to give an answer that was not possible in your brain.

It was when, after much trying, he said, "Australia" in what I wanted to refer to the continent of Oceania. The presenter applauded as people kept laughing.

A last attempt to end this ridiculous episode, the presenter said: "I'll tell some countries of the continent you're missing ... France." At that time Justin was the only lit lightbulb she worked and replied quickly "Europe". People celebrated with joy as he rejoiced and laughed as if he had made ​​an astronomical feat and would have been the most intelligent of the whole set.

If you really want to fix this guy and do what he does and says, STUDY, the only thing that will draw on good why else you can end up doing the most ridiculous of the ridiculous before the whole world, and never better EVERYONE in live. 


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