Is it near the end of "House MD"?

http://images.wikia.com/dr-house/es/images/b/bc/House.jpgThe American series "House" seems to be coming to an end unless surprised during the eighth season in a chapter and cause the rise of the audience is not being very favorable as in previous seasons that raged in its time of issue.

Fox might be considering the possibility of an end to the series at the end of the eighth season. They are still all rumors but the main protagonist of the series, Hugh Laurie, has acknowledged that this could be.

When interviewed last Thursday in a radio program, the British actor, when asked if this was the last season of House responded, "Maybe so." But in another sense was quite ambiguous and continued by saying, "You never know, we can be even two decades."

Laurie confessed he is very proud of the series that has been so successful worldwide although it was already known from other series and movies. He said: "I think we are all very proud of the show we're doing now." And following the trail of mystery surrounding the entire radio interview said: "I think people like, so we continue like this!".

http://www.seriesadictos.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/House_FirstLook_600110916163613.jpgThe audience figures are not accompanying the standard on this eighth season and many of the co-starring the cast of the production team and and current in their last year of the contract and have not yet renewed. The one that so far, has for one more season is the British actor.

Another possible case of non-renewal of the series is the departure of many of the actors who gave life to the main characters in the series has taken its toll on the grounds, somewhat poorer than we are accustomed, and in the audiences have dropped significantly.

The sarcastic, cruel and acid doctor Gregory House comes into the ER, not just in the series, to be treated for what could be his final need enough oxygen to the hearing so he could be at least one more season. Intensive Care Unit is ready.

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