Harrison Ford will star in "Indiana Jones"

http://www.nosologeeks.es/wp-content/uploads/harrison_ford_indiana_nosologeeks.jpgAmerican actor Harrison Ford has stated in a recent interview with Extra TV plans to re-do of Indiana Jones in what will be the fifth film in the saga of the character that has given him international fame over the years despite career others have starred in hit movies.

When in 2008 the fourth installment of Indiana Jones titled "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" and looked in a strange way to put the actor, again, against the orders of a director again starring the adventurous professor of archeology in one of his daring adventures in dangerous worlds. But nobody could imagine that back in late 2011 from flaring up the news again, Harrison Ford wanted to embody for the fifth time such a figure. And it will.

Confident, the sentence that the actor who starred as Han Solo in "Star Wars" released its perspective will again slip into the browser cap, boots and cracking the whip in the corners of half the world was "I am willing to be Indiana Jones while alive." If they do not just like other actors of his generation more than one bone, and two have been trying to match the odd character in action and we have in mind when Sylvester Stallone in his movie "The Expendables" one of her co-stars broke his neck while filming a fight scene. And that the "kid" Stallone is 62 years.

http://www.galawallpapers.net/photo/74879/Harrison_Ford_04.jpgBut the friend Harrison Ford is very clear in his statements and also commented: "I am available, I do not go cheap, but ... I'm available". It seems that it does not say with complete safety after all. So the actor of "The Fugitive" has not lost time and has gotten into the gym to strengthen those bones and get in shape and return to play the Indiana Jones of "old age" because when the shooting starts, it believes that at the end of 1012, the actor will be 70 years of age.

As it could be otherwise, the director George Lucas has had to receive the message, as well as Steven Spielberg, as they are to work on a script that could have liked for the occasion. Other sources claim that Harrison Ford wants to kill the character in this latest release but it is still early to decide what will happen and we must expect that kind of adventure where in the world will travel to face new dangers .

If the script is so interesting to get to work, hopefully not in Egypt today, riding a motorized wheelchair to travel with seniors seniors armed with canes and crutches in search of anger.    

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