Demi Lovato back to Timberline Knolls

http://noticierodiario.com.ar/wp-content/uploads/Demi-Lovato-bajo-tratamiento-m%C3%A9dico-2.jpgThe singer Demi Lovato has returned to the treatment center where she was admitted last year to recover from health problems he had during his previous musical tour. She went to talk about everything that happened.

But this time it was not to enter again or for relapse of their health problems. Demi has returned to the center to talk about its history, hard story that has lived and has definitely exceeded.

In the words of the artist, has been a day of inspiration. Has shed many tears and his head have been brought back many memories coming back, again, the treatment center Timberline Knolls.

"Today I went back to the treatment center last year I went to talk to beautiful women battling his inner demons".

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/9/9f/All_Night_Long_Demi_Lovato_-_crop.jpg/220px-All_Night_Long_Demi_Lovato_-_crop.jpgDemi Lovato wanted to share her story and let them know that everything is much easier if done with enthusiasm and hope. To give great encouragement to all who are under treatment, Demi has said to all: "Life is beautiful .... You're worth it."

In this way wants to help all those struggling with eating disorders, self harm, mood disorders and substance abuse. I want to teach all that is a danger to their lives, that does not lead to anything just to live worse, a life ill always be fragile and unable to enjoy something as precious as life.

Actually the artist is happy, has resumed his career with a concert tour in the United States and where the love and support of all his fans and everyone will see it. She thanks him wholeheartedly giving all of it at every concert.

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