The Beach Boys surfing in 2012

Approaching the end of 2011 the surprises on the return of bands no longer stop. But the most notorious of all return to the present day is the return of the legendary group The Beach Boys who will meet in full in 2012 to celebrate 50 years of the American band.

Brian Wilson, Mike Love, Al Jardine, Bruce Johnston and David Marks, the original members of the legendary band The Beach Boys will meet again in 2012 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its formation and release a new album and world tour reported today its official website.

The five components perform 50 concerts from April that will open the tour with a performance at the jazz festival in New Orleans.

For this event have already recorded several songs for her new album that will be available next year through the record label Capitol / EMI. Although there are still some issues expected to complete it all ready for the start of the year. The album, currently untitled officer, is the first work in which the original members for decades.

With the news of his return, The Beach Boys held also the 50th anniversary of his birth with a new collection of his successes and various editions of his extensive catalog of music.

This will put an end to decades of continuous hatred between Brian Wilson and his cousin Mike Love giving a gift to hardcore fans after the rumors that ran throughout 2011 and realizing the return of the band.

Age is not going to veterans of the music nor the desire to continue enjoying the music. The Beach Boys is a great example. Return waves and surfboards.


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