David Bustamante gives us his new album, "Mío"

http://www.bekia.es/images/articulos/1000/1567/1.jpgOn October 25, 2011 was released The seventh musical work of the spanish singer David Bustamante entitled "Mío" whose first single "Como tú ninguna" has had from the beginning, a host and a terrible and overwhelming success among fans and radios in Spain. An even more mature work that makes this singer Cantabrian follow on top of current music.

Since David Bustamante left the "talent factory" as it was in the beginning, the program in Televisión Española "Operación Triunfo" and was declining until it disappears in another spanish private television Telecinco, has been reaping success after another without hardly any time off between tours Spain and the Latin American continent, promotions and record signings. But there is always a time to be with their "women" and his family and enjoy the affection and love offered his land as San Vicente de la Barquera in Cantabria, Spain.

The new album with a cover in which David Bustamante appears as a true leading man in a very relaxed and thoughtful and lost eyes is even more mature than their previous album "A contracorriente" and which has been further improved his voice touching near-perfection in each of the songs making it very difficult to keep a particularly since each of them offers a very special feeling.

The rest of the songs that make "Mío" no waste whatsoever and is almost entirely a list of ballads and medium pace songs at which the subjects usually treated more than indifference to love in particular. In them, David Bustamante draws us and we describe many of the situations that everyone have spent at some point in our lives.

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-L3VXTwgJPH0/Tqb2nXQ3rGI/AAAAAAAAqRc/VozOQNlU6p8/s400/davidbustamante1.jpg"Mío" is dedicated to the three main pillars of his life are his mother, his wife and daughter, extracts the first song with a pretty catchy rhythm and lyrics that proves to be another declaration of love for his wife, the Spanish actress Paula Echevarría with every day are more attuned and more so since the birth of their daughter Daniela that has led to extreme happiness to face the attacks of certain journalists with a sense of humor and recently they have demonstrated to the media .

David Bustamante, boy of a perennial smile and a great sense of humor, even if some try to erase from his face with news that they have no interest for him or for others, feel love for what he does and it shows single after single and job after job, in concert filled to the brim, the people following it since its inception and is grateful for their support every day through social networks demonstrating and giving away certain moments in your private life always taking care not to to talk to the tabloids and implying that he is not for exclusive and is always willing to talk to the press without having to harass him or his family.

For more information on his biography, discography and concert http://www.davidbustamante.es

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